Diamond Pet Parlor

Personal pet grooming in Brookville, OH. Known for quality, but caring is our specialty!

Lori Woodruff, owner, master groomer.  In 1989 I obtained a puppy that would need to be groomed. After shopping for a grooming salon, I was appalled at the practices and condition of the shops, and the fact that dogs were kept in cages for hours waiting their turn.      I attended grooming school for the professional course.  I opened the salon in the fall of 1989, and word quickly grew about the difference in care and quality from other places and Diamond Pet Parlor became my full time job. 

Dawn Greene, master groomerhad worked for a year at another grooming salon and quit because of the treatment of the dogs.  Noisy conditions, long cage times and a "hurry up" attitude did not seem fair to the dogs, and she applied at Diamond Pet Parlor in 2002.  We have worked together ever since, doing things the RIGHT way, that is becoming masters of styling while not compromising care and tenderness.  The dogs love Dawn and Lori, and we love them like part of our family!

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