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Style choices and YOUR pet.

Posted by Lori Woodruff on May 31, 2017 at 9:50 PM

We are very excited to style each pet that comes.  We do Mohawks, goatees, lion cuts, and more!  These exciting styles might not be for you, but that teddy bear, stuffed animal, or long flowing look can only be achieved with help from you.

The condition of your pets coat dictates the style.  Regular brushing and combing gives us more options as maintained coats can be styled in many different ways.  Matted or tangled coats are damaged hair, and untangling that further damages hair.  But the most important thing in OUR salon is your pets comfort. 

We will call you if your pet is matted in places that could not be seen at drop off. We hope you will point out mats or tangles at drop off if you know they are there.  If you don't know, and we find them, we will certainly call you with options.

However if any pet displays discomfort at dematting, the only option in OUR salon is clipping the mats out.  We will NOT under any circumstances, tug and pull at mats for vanities sake.  Hair grows back, attitudes and trust do NOT.  

We will always give you the option to take your pet home if you do not want us to clip it short.  Perhaps you can find another salon to pull and pick the mats out despite your pets protestations, but we will not.

As always we do the best we can, but your pets comfort is our top priority.  If you have any questions, simply ask!  

another allergy tip

Posted by Lori Woodruff on February 26, 2017 at 8:50 PM

Be sure to get your flea medications NOW. With the mild winter, you may need to use it early if you have not used flea products all winter.

Put your dry dog food and dry cookies in the freezer for storage.  Many dogs are allergic to dust mites, which are in dry foods.  Freezing kills those potential allergens, as well as reduces dust, which can also bother sensitive dogs.

Yes it is odd that allergic reactions manifest in dogs more frequently as skin issues and itching than any other symptom.  But it is seriously worth the effort to try these things instead of resorting to medications that can eventually cause deadly side effects.

Switching foods to a fish based food is often very helpful as well.  Good luck and you are welcome to call if you have any questions.

allergy relief

Posted by Lori Woodruff on February 15, 2017 at 2:35 PM

Good reading about allergies is here:


Please visit this site for a suggestion of supplement for your itchy dog.


research these shampoos:  Malaseb or Austrazole

Allergic/Itchy pets and some help!

Posted by Lori Woodruff on January 27, 2017 at 4:55 PM

I have a suspicion that Toasty may end up being an allergic dog. Having traveled that sad and frustrating road with a previous dog, I have started a mission to begin controlling allergies with information. Notice I said CONTROL as there is no CURE for allergies in dogs. But due to Toasty and all the other dogs we see with allergies, I am continuing the itchy dog discussion.

Allergies to food only account for about 10% of dog allergies, 1st is fleas, generally #2 is a combo of these most common allergies;

Animal danders

Airborne pollens (grasses, weeds, trees, etc.)

Mold spores (indoor and outdoor)

House dust mites


Food allergies typically present itchy rear end, gas and tummy upset and foot licking. It’s a genetic problem, and when it’s triggered, it’s by exposure to whatever they’re allergic to. The most common allergens are beef, dairy, wheat, egg, chicken, lamb, soy, pork, rabbit, and fish. And, most dogs are usually allergic to more than one thing. Finding a LIMITED INGREDIENT food, with something in it your pet has never had, like Buffalo, Kangaroo, Salmon in addition to brown rice is a good way to start determining if your food is part of the problem. Avoid wheat, corn, beef and commercial foods with many ingredients.

Food plays an important part in FIGHTING allergies. PRO Biotics are important. You can buy probiotics for dogs and you need oils for the skin, I have found COLD PACKED VIRGIN COCONUT OIL at ALDI Food for only $4.99. that is a great item to add to your pets diet in small amounts.

your pet can develop allergies to things they have not been allergic previously, so don't rule out those plastic bowls, blankets or rugs you have used for years. Wash blankets frequently, and remove potential frequent food allergens and other potential things that can cause reactions. In addition; grooming and skin care. frequent shampooing, will help remove contact irritants.

Local honey will provide purified contact to the dog to local pollen, which may turn on the immune system to fight pollen the dog is sensitive to, but is WAYY more pleasant than allergy shots. I have found a recipe for Golden Paste which incorporates Coconut oil, black pepper and Tumeric (NOT HUMAN TUMERIC PILLS) and when Honey is added could be a good start to helping your itchy pet.

Google GOLDEN PASTE RECIPE  or go to our facebook GROUP page,  for the exact recipe and dosing amounts.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/DiamondPetParlor/

Personal Care requires some planning....

Posted by Lori Woodruff on March 1, 2016 at 10:30 AM

We reserve appointments for each client. When you make an appointment, time is put aside exclusively for your pet. Consequently, other clients cannot be seen at that time, and often not even on that day.


Because pets cannot read magazines and they do not understand waiting; we do not double book, we book one for Dawn and one for Lori. We choose to give individual appointments so that pets receive the best care.


If you no-show or cancel without 24 hours notice, it not only affects our income, but other clients are not able to use our services at the time slot reserved for you and your pet. Therefore, there is a fee for no shows and late cancellations.


We are very lucky to work in a job we love, but ultimately our grooming supports our family as well as keeps our small business one of the very best you can choose for your pet. Most salons do not operate on this system and we are proud of our care. Please help us by calling 48 hours ahead for cancellations and changes.

Meet Toasty!

Posted by Lori Woodruff on January 21, 2016 at 5:10 PM

Read about our rescue receptionists and our newest addition under the tab along the top.  It is hard to love pets so much because it kills you when they pass, but we tried to go without a pet and could not do it.  The house became a home again, our smiles returned with the addition of Toasty, from the dog pound.

We highly recommend adoption for selection of a pet, but realize this is not for everyone. Some pets have issues that need a lot of time and training, and you never know how big a mixed breed puppy will get.  

But saving a life is worth doing, and the love they share is not diminished by them not having papers or pedigree.  We treat all of your dogs like the champions they are, rather they are pound, found, or you shopped around, thank you for letting us love them.  We also love hearing their stories!  Please share their stories with us, either in person, on this website, or on facebook, look for our facebook page under GROUPS for the easiest way to connect and share your story.

Simply go to Facebook and type Diamond Pet Parlor group and there we will be!  


Posted by Lori Woodruff on November 29, 2015 at 8:40 PM

The Holidays are a busy time for everyone!  We are happy to reserve a personal appointment for your pet, but if you can't make it, please respect our time and efforts to provide excellent service by calling 24 hours ahead of your reserved appointment time.

There is never a charge for appointments cancelled due to road/weather conditions, but there is a $15 fee for no-shows and late cancellations.  

We love our job, but ulitmately each appointment pays our bills and a missed appointment is a loss to everyone.  Other clients who have been told an appointment is unavailable do not have the opportunity to have their pet groomed during the time we saved for you.  

For the best selection of times to suit your busy schedule, please call us as soon as you have your calander handy to get your preferred appointment time!  

Fall Fleas YUCK!

Posted by Lori Woodruff on September 4, 2015 at 5:50 PM

Fall fleas can be the worst, as often they are resistant to some products you may be using on your pet. If your neighbors are using the same thing as you but not using it correctly, fleas will become resistant and you will see problems on your own pets.

This could indicate a need to change products for the last couple of treatments. Also we have BUG OFF which is a great repellent that you can use in addition to your flea killer to boost the protection your pet has from the nasty critters.

Please remember our salon is flea free, which means if you have fleas on your pet, please treat before coming for grooming. If fleas are found on your pet, we must charge for additional products, time and for complete treatment of the facility to protect everyone from exposure to fleas.

If you have any questions about flea treatment or prevention, just give us a call!


Posted by Lori Woodruff on May 25, 2015 at 11:55 PM

With Memorial Day comes summer, and bugs.  We are VERY excited to have a new, all natural product to help repel fleas and ticks.

This amazing oil is applied to the back of your dogs neck and above the tail, just a couple of drops once a week or so.  It will actually REPEL the fleas and ticks, preventing bites and irritation, preventing the bugs from being brought into your home.

We are so happy to have this product, and we highly recommend it to you for use in addition to your pest killer. Most flea pills and drops DO prevent infestations, but do not repel.  This product will not diminish your current products killing effectiveness, but will keep the bugs off your pet.

$10 will get you an application and we will send the rest of the bottle home with you, and that will likely last all summer.  It has a pleasant fragrance and is easy to use.

Let us know upon arrival if you would like this product!  

March, Spring/ Tear Stains...

Posted by Lori Woodruff on March 17, 2015 at 2:00 PM

With spring often comes allergies.  Allergies in dogs are different than in people, as they exhibit as itching, tearing and licking, rather than sneezing like humans.

Be ready to ask your vet and tell your groomer at the first sign of allergies.  Special shampoos will sometimes prevent making things worse  as we can change shampoos if we know there is something amis.  A shampoo that worked well before will often not help at all if your groomer does not know that the dog is itchy.  

Your vet can often help you nip allergies in the bud if you get help before hot spots, dry skin and sores open up.  Sooner is so much better than later to deal with allergies.

We are often asked about tear stains. Our best advice is first, check with your vet for eye or tooth problems, which can lead to excessive tearing. Once again, allergies can cause staining, mostly from licking, but also from eye drainage.

Excessive tearing often causes the increase in eye drainage that will stain your dogs face, when normal tearing will not be noticed. Dry eyes, with not enough tears, can cause itching of the eye and swelling and redness as there are not enough tears to flush out irritants.  

Too many or too few tears can easily be remedied by your vet.  Check with your vet to make sure tear production is normal and there is no infection in the eye, of the third eyelid, tissues around or in the eye, or an abscessed tooth that can cause problems.

Then check your food for red color. Avoid foods with artificial colors and if you have excessive iron in your water, that may contribute as well.

White hair is actually hair with an absence of color.  All animals will excrete excessive iron in the saliva and tears.  It often shows up more on white dogs.  Removing extra sources of iron, like in drinking water, may help, but do not expect miracles.  

Dogs with white hair often have finer hair, and it just grabs the excreted iron and it effectively DYES the hair.  Then all you can do is try different things and the hair should grow out white again once you fix the problem, IF THERE IS ONE.

It is possible that there IS NO PROBLEM and that the stains are normal for your dog.  But do not bet on it and do not be afraid to ask your vet.  One good way to see if it is normal is to look inside your dogs ears. If they are red inside, have an odor, you most likely have a problem the vet needs to see and whatever the problem turns out to be, it is causing the face to be stained as well.

Eliminating causes of eye irritation is the first step. Hairs that poke into eyes, excessive tears that are not wiped off, dust and bad teeth are the most common problems.   Fleas will cause eye tearing as fleas like to get in the eyes.  That causes excessive tearing.  Take care of those things, go see your vet,  get rid of dye in the food, iron in the water, add some vinegar and see what happens.

Finally, Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 tablespoon in a gallon of water for drinking will do several things. It helps repel fleas, it balances the Ph in your dogs system which may help with only eye stains and yeast based ear infections as well.