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Meet Toasty!

Posted by Lori Woodruff on January 21, 2016 at 5:10 PM

Read about our rescue receptionists and our newest addition under the tab along the top.  It is hard to love pets so much because it kills you when they pass, but we tried to go without a pet and could not do it.  The house became a home again, our smiles returned with the addition of Toasty, from the dog pound.

We highly recommend adoption for selection of a pet, but realize this is not for everyone. Some pets have issues that need a lot of time and training, and you never know how big a mixed breed puppy will get.  

But saving a life is worth doing, and the love they share is not diminished by them not having papers or pedigree.  We treat all of your dogs like the champions they are, rather they are pound, found, or you shopped around, thank you for letting us love them.  We also love hearing their stories!  Please share their stories with us, either in person, on this website, or on facebook, look for our facebook page under GROUPS for the easiest way to connect and share your story.

Simply go to Facebook and type Diamond Pet Parlor group and there we will be!  

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