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Style choices and YOUR pet.

Posted by Lori Woodruff on May 31, 2017 at 9:50 PM

We are very excited to style each pet that comes.  We do Mohawks, goatees, lion cuts, and more!  These exciting styles might not be for you, but that teddy bear, stuffed animal, or long flowing look can only be achieved with help from you.

The condition of your pets coat dictates the style.  Regular brushing and combing gives us more options as maintained coats can be styled in many different ways.  Matted or tangled coats are damaged hair, and untangling that further damages hair.  But the most important thing in OUR salon is your pets comfort. 

We will call you if your pet is matted in places that could not be seen at drop off. We hope you will point out mats or tangles at drop off if you know they are there.  If you don't know, and we find them, we will certainly call you with options.

However if any pet displays discomfort at dematting, the only option in OUR salon is clipping the mats out.  We will NOT under any circumstances, tug and pull at mats for vanities sake.  Hair grows back, attitudes and trust do NOT.  

We will always give you the option to take your pet home if you do not want us to clip it short.  Perhaps you can find another salon to pull and pick the mats out despite your pets protestations, but we will not.

As always we do the best we can, but your pets comfort is our top priority.  If you have any questions, simply ask!  

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