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Sadly, we have lost the world’s best receptionist and farm protector. Chilly has slipped away after a battle with congestive heart failure. She worked every day for the short 5 years and 2 weeks we had her. Our faithful companion, friend of all, she never held a grudge against any person even after all of the abuse she suffered before she came to us. She is forever in our hearts and Dawn Greene, my family and I all thank everyone who loved her. She was truly the best dog in the world. Dawn and I look forward to visiting with your pups when you come. Hold them tight and love them hard, as they go too quickly.  Read of her story below.



Chilly was dumped and running loose on our farm and neighbors properties for weeks, in the deep cold.  All attempts to bribe her with food or trap her in a building or garage failed, and finally the humane society loaned us a trap. 


Chilly weighed 44 pounds after being here 3 days, we estimate she gained a pound or two during those days.  One week later she weighed 47lbs.  She was on a diet of Yogurt, Cottage Cheese and Puppy Chow every 2 hours.  We estimate her age to be about 2, she has had puppies but was not spayed. Chilly now weighs 64 pounds. Can you imagine a 64 pound dog losing 20 pounds! It is incredible that she lived!

6 months later, Chilly has a compression/concussion fracture of the wrist and foot, from playing and twisting her foot or stopping too hard,  she was not yelping or crying, just limping worse over the course of a day.  It was determined the malnutrition caused her to have weak bones.  She was glad to be at work, but quickly tired of laying around.  Poor Chilly, she is forever banned from high jumping and hard, fast turns which torque on her bones, and her weight must never get too high to support her easily.

As you can see, Chilly was very special to us. 

In addition to the joy she brought us, she calmed our furry clients during their visits!

It seemed so lonely without Chilly that we went to the pound and adopted a pup.

Meet TOASTY, who will never be like Chilly, so the name fits.

Toasty makes us laugh and is doing her best to be a good receptionist.