Diamond Pet Parlor

Personal pet grooming in Brookville, OH. Known for quality, but caring is our specialty!


 Diamond Pet Parlor is a small salon specializing in beautiful styling with the emphasis on loving care.  Your pet will enjoy the experience as much as you enjoy the look of a fresh, clean, happy pet!

All of our procedures are done in the same area, so no pet is ever left unattended. 


                                      (937) 837-3631

  Call to schedule your personal appointment today! Due to the personal care we give each client, appointments are not normally available immediately.  Please call ahead for the best selection of times.  

Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until Noon.  We do offer nail trims, bathing, grooming and styling.  We do not sell items so each pet has an uninterrupted, quiet, comfortable grooming session.  Pets that are ill, have fleas or are aggressive are not accepted at our salon.  Call for your personal appointment and we will begin pampering your pet as soon as they arrive and call you shortly before they are finished.







Appointment Policy

We reserve appointments for each client.  When you make an appointment, time is put aside exclusively for your pet.  Consequently, other clients cannot be seen at that time, and often not even on that day.

 Because pets cannot read magazines and they do not understand waiting;  we do not double book,  we book one for Dawn and one for Lori.  We choose to give individual appointments so that pets receive the best care.

If you no-show or cancel without 24 hours notice, it not only affects our income, but other clients are not able to use our services at the time slot reserved for you and your pet.  Therefore, there is a fee for no shows and late cancellations.

 We are very lucky to work in a job we love, but ultimately our grooming supports our family as well as keeps our small business one of the very best you can choose for your pet.  Most salons do not operate on this system and we are proud of our care. Please help us by calling 48 hours ahead for cancellations and changes. 


                       PRICING GUIDELINES


Each appointment includes a bath with shampoo and conditioner selected for your pets' skin and coat type, anal glands checked and expressed if necessary, and drying to suit your pets comfort and coat type.   Ears will be cleaned, nails cut and filed, coat combed, clipped and hand scissored to the style of your choice and completed with our special finishing touches

                                                 937 837 3631

We look forward to hearing from you!


Prices below reflect the average cost of a dog groomed on a regular basis, with all of the services listed above.  Exact costs will be determined by the individual needs of your pet.


Toy Poodles, Shih Tzu, small Schnauzers, Maltese and Yorkies and the mixes. 

MEDIUM DOGS: $40 and up*

Cocker Spaniels, Bichon, larger Schnauzers, Westies and mixes.

LARGER DOGS:  $65 and up*

 Standard Poodles, Australian Shepards, Giant Schnauzers, etc. (we are currently accepting a VERY limited number of large dogs, and they must be maintained on a 6-8 week schedule)


  *Dematting is priced according to severity and method of mat removal. Every pet with mats is subject to a dematting charge.  Sometimes it is kinder to clip a pet down if he or she is matted to the point that brushing is painful.  Continuing to pull and tug on matted hair hurts the pet, and can cause the skin to become irritated. Further, hair often breaks and will not be in condition to get the style you want. It also teaches your pet that grooming is uncomfortable and they will often become fearful of visiting the salon. We are happy to discuss your options and any concerns you have, but whenever working with matted hair great skill and care are required, it is damaging to equipment, so additional charges apply.  




 Individual services for when you don't need full grooming:

  • Nail trim with filing:  $5 to $8 while you wait.
  • Eye and face area trimmed: $5 while you wait.
  • Touch up and tidy, (with bath) is priced according to coat thickness.
Add on services with grooming:                                             Nail Polish with groom $2 to $5.
Day care; if you cannot pick your pet up on time or need early drop off, day care is $5 per 30 minutes but MUST be scheduled.  Day care without prearrangement is $10 per 30 minutes.
Express grooming for special needs, crippled or elderly dogs is available.  We are skilled and experienced with these types of procedures.  Pricing varies.